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So little time!

OMG...the best dramas of the year I think are nearly here! But there is so little time to watch :( I mean between work and dramas of course you would choose dramas BUT (thats a big but) if you want to pass you will have to put in some effort. Here is my list of highly anticipated dramas that sound intriguing along with my thoughts.

Firstly there is a guy who is smart, good looking, and comes from a wealthy background. You must think DREAM GUY however...it might be your dream guy if you put up with his arrogance, jerk syndrome as I would like to call it and total lack of regard for other peoples feelings. BUT what is a drama if not to see a guy like that who transforms from a cold hearted prince to a charming lovable guy who will do anything to protect his girl!  This drama is called Autumns's Concerto staring Vanness Wu (you might know him as one of the F4 members in Meteror garden!)  and Ady An (who i adore!).

Vanness is a law student who is arrogant, and lives a life without laughter, and lacks determination in life. But he then meets Ady who sells bento at his school. They do not hit it off in the start, and to cut things short he makes a bet that he will be able to kiss her within a week! But this is where the angst start! cause he finally shows some humanity and redeems himself! (Won't spoil you on this...Ooo you will melt after seeing this scene in the preview trailer)

This is where the adoring for vanness now starts as he puts his everything into protecting and loving Ady. However, like a typical drama they must separate. Ady leaves Vanness (who requires brain surgery GASP!! or he will die!!!) due to his mothers pursuasion, and 5 yrs later.....vanness has recovered but lost his MEMORIES...while Ady now has her and Vanness child! What will happen when they meet again?

Argh...am so going to watch this! Hopefully it lives up to the anticipation cause I usually get bored half way through and just skim the  dramas! like Roseate love, Knock Knock loving you


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