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Dramas, dramas and more dramas!

Am currently watching Take care of my fair lady or as some people know it as Take Care of Agasshi !

This is Yoon Eun Hye's drama again since coffee prince which was aired in 2007. I must admitt I really anticipated her return back on screen but I am having mixed feeling about her character in this drama!

First off, I must praise her yet again for her awesome crying abiltiy :D Man! when she cries you will always cry along with her.

I have watched the 1st 6 episode so far, the first couple were pretty rough and abit over the top, especially Yoon Eun Hyes character Hena, she was quite dislikable! But, it does get better along the way!

I anticipate the scenes where He-na's true personality comes out especially when she shows her vunerability and emotions. I have heard many critism about her acting in this drama and you just need to be prepared for her to be absolutely different from her roles in Goong and Coffee prince. (which were just so adorable especially goong! <3 since I haven't watched coffee prince. lol...."cough"...yet :p )

I do think that she is still quite stiff as this character and I'm still kind of in shock over her role but she's actually not that bad! Yes there are rough moments but there are also moments where she makes you feel for her, and laugh at her naivete because most of the time she is quite self absorbed but in a naivete way where it seems like she just doesn't have that much worldly experience. Must admitt I cringe everytime I see her hit her co star Dong Chan, who is actually a nice guy who really doesnot deserve to be hit! But I laugh so much because part of her personality is that she doesn't really care what other people thinks so she gives back as much as other people dishes out! ESPECIALLY when they are mean to her! I love that she goes out for revenge!

So I will definately recommend this drama to those who would like a lighthearted, fun drama! It is one that flows nicely, with good pace. The scene that I loved most was in episode 6. I laughed my head off :p

Am anticipating episode 7 :D


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